The 25 Perfect Female Bodies in Sports (PHOTOS)

The 25 Perfect Female Bodies in Sports

It’s no surprise that sports and athletics breed hot bodies.

What is hot is poring over this list and finding out exactly what sports breed the most hot bodies.

There are four golfers on this list! Four! Since when do golfers have better bodies than surfers?

There’s no accounting for the madness on this list, but once you read over it, you’ll come to the same conclusion I did.

The Mayans were right.

The world is going to end.

Which is completely fine, because I don’t want to live in a world where golfers are hotter than surfers.

It’s just too bizarre.

25. Natalie Gulbis

Doing the impossible: Making golf sexy.

24. Sophie Horn

Two golfers kicking off this list has to be a first. The four horsemen should be cruising by any minute now.

23. Ana Mancino

Revolutionizing the way we think about Italian volleyball players. Not that we thought about them before.

22. Stella Vidal

We will gladly submit to this MMA fighter.

21. Natalie Coughlin

It’s no surprise that she picked a career where she always wears a swimsuit.

20. Sara Galimberti

She’s an Italian model and track star. And guess what? She has the body of a model and a track star.

19. Ashley Harkleroad

She’s been in Playboy. That’s all you need to know about this tennis player. Look it up.

18. Ashley Massaro

Even as a WWE enthusiast, I would never be able to hit this beauty with a folding chair.

17. Gretchen Bleiler

Snow bunny!

16. Anastasia Ashley

I can’t believe it took this long to get to a surfer chick.

15. Leryn Franco

This Paraguayan javelin thrower is beautiful AND deadly.

14. Jennie Finch

She can light up a room with a smile. And knock your head off with a softball.

13. Diana Taurasi

Sadly, it appears that recent reports indicate that this physique may have been chemically induced.

12. Michelle Wie

The third golfer on this list. The end is nigh.

11. Ana Ivanovic

Eastern European tennis player. That’s like a season pass to being on this list.

10. Jenn Brown

Erin Andrews best watch her back.

9. Maria Sharapova

Normally, I look to bookend these lists with the Russians, but Sharapova is too hot to be at 25.

8. Anna Rawson

Ok. This is getting freaky. When did golfers get such good bodies. Did Tiger Woods kick this off?

7. Anna Kournikova

…And the other Russian.

6. Danica Patrick

If we could get rid of all the dangers of NASCAR, she could wear this while competing.

5. Amanda Beard

The Playboy MVP. A benchmark for the swimmer’s body.

4. Maria Kirilenko

A third Russian tennis player makes the list. And takes the lead.

3. Bianca Cruz

The state of Arizona cranks out hot softball players, doesn’t it?

2. Allison Stokke

Apparently, pole vaulting is a very practical way to get an insane body.

1. Stacy Keibler

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Before she danced as a star, she threw people around. The only thing that’s been constant is that kickin’ body.







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