Betty Nguyen Married Exclusive Interview

Betty Nguyen MarriedBetty Nguyen Married Exclusive Interview:

Intelligence covers today indicate that very common and appealing anchor woman, Betty Nguyen, is departing CNN news for CBS news. It is confusing to us at this time why she wants to change her employer.

Over the past few years it is said she has been a heroic and kind anchor woman who was a pleasure to work with.

Betty had previously confirmed that Oscar Sunday would be her last at CNN previously however, it has come as a big daze to everyone.

Betty is thought to have confessed in an interview with one Media Company that she had left because CBS offered a increased pay role.

We wangled to get one of our colleagues into the open field and score five minutes with us as a last interview about why she chose to leave CNN and what CBS offered her. You can see that interview by clicking the link below to take you to our main site.


CNN Anchor Betty Nguyen Married

Betties mother in law said in an consultation with fox news that she was desolated at her decision to change contractor.

The public have built up a very positive picture for her at CNN and it is most likely that everybody who watches CNN is not going to have the same experience anymore.

What do you think, are you suffering at her move?

For all we know, she might fit in better at CBS. For now, its up to you, check out the interview with her at the link below,

Video: CNN Newsroom Weekend AM Says Goodbye to Betty Nguyen


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